Wednesday, 26 November 2014

BE. Workshop | Spa Presbyterian girls!

Hey ladies!

So we just recently had another workshop with these gorgeous girls who are part of the youth at Spa Presbyterian church, and what a night! They even prepared snacks throughout AND pizza for after! We felt spoiled rotten!

We had fun with dressing mannequins, and had some great group discussion about songs in the music industry that have both a positive and negative outlook on body image.

We had some great responses, and at the end allowed the girls to write down their bodily/image/beauty insecurities on a piece of paper and chuck them in our acceptance bucket! Once we had accepted these beautiful parts of ourselves we tend to hate, we took some #loveyourselfies...

Definitely our favorite exercises!

Some found it easy to think of the thing they loved about themselves, others found it a bit more challenging but they all took a proud selfie in the end and that's, what we believe, is an important step!
We love encouraging girls to think more positively about themselves when there is so much out there telling woman that we aren't good enough

We both love meeting young girls throughout the country and giving them a fresh perspective of beauty!
If you know of any youth groups/schools who would be interested in our workshops please contact us via 

More from us soon! 


Tuesday, 28 October 2014

#likes4likes // Self-Esteem Over Social Media



The reason we titled this post "#Like4Like" was because one: its a huge hash-tag trend within social media, especially with Instagram, and two: we have been noticing a massive increase in the importance of the number of "likes" we get on our pictures and posts, so much so that it hinders whether someone "likes" their day or not. It can even create huge unhappiness for some people.
Like, if their post is "liked" it means they are more "liked" but if not, they're not.
Sorry... lots of "likes"!!

So when thinking about social media, this was the main thing that shocked us. We heard real life stories of how the number of likes or positive comments can determine a girls mood for the rest of the day.

Heres a screenshot taken from (give this a read - it's real good)

What we wanna say about this is that once social media becomes a 'competition'  - it crosses the line toward potentially unhealthy use. When we need validation on social media to determine how we feel about ourselves, stuff starts to get tricky, because it's a never ending cycle. We will never be happy. Why? Social media isn't real life - part of being content and happy in real life is about knowing, accepting and loving yourself, not the number of likes/comments you receive online.

We can be vulnerable to damaging our self-esteem and confidence while using social media in unhealthy ways. Placing our worth, happiness and mainly - our identity, in online profiles will only lead to disappointment.
We can't determine our worth on how many friends,  likes and positive comments we gain - because what if one day we get nothing?
What if one day someone comments negatively?
Our self-esteem and sense of worth will plummet.

But girls - we are worth waaay more than our profiles & our 'life' online

We have a series of workshops coming up in The Edge Ballynahinch, and it's given us an opportunity to expand our usual material designed for one night, into four nights of material! Which has really excited us - we now have the chance to dig a bit deeper.

&  social media is one our topics that we will talk about. We will be handing out some key points on how to use it in a healthy way and what to watch out for as a young woman.

So the more we expand on our workshops the more we realise how the age gap between, us in our 20's and the teens between 12-16 doesn't stand for a lot - we can learn and grow on all of the issues we talk about just as much as they can.
But the coolest thing is, that we have the chance to be examples for them. So the key points we give to the girls are below, and we both are trying to live by them while we use social media -

'BE. you'  - be as authentic as you can, don't be afraid to be yourself while using social media. It can be a platform to connect and express in a real way. But we often use social media to boost our egos and build a persona. Make our profiles as realistic as possible. It's freeing and positive.

'BE.aware' - think before you post:
 Am I expecting to be validated through this post?’ 
‘Am I looking to boost my confidence through this post?’ 
"Am I being true to me?" 


That's all from us this week - more coming next week!
Thanks for reading, lots of love,