Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Girly chats & this months theme!

Hey ladies!
Yesterday we were at Emily's new family crib! We munched on macaroons, had several cups of tea & tried on bridesmaid dresses! We also have some new ideas in the making - chatting new logos, attending summer events and workshop planning for January.
We are excited about seeing our dreams unfold over time! BE. is something we have put our whole hearts and minds to. We believe in it so much and as a plus we are also connecting with others who have similar passions and who want to make a difference with us, so watch this space!

Here are the outfits we wore - 

Jeans, Belt & Sunglasses - Topshop | White crop, Fur cardy & Boots - H&M 

Top - New Look | Heeled boots - Zara | Plaid shirt - H&M | Bag - TopShop

Now to introduce our next theme for October! ...

Putting your self-esteem first, over social media. 
We realise that we should be starting these themes on the first of every month, but this is new to us, so it will take a while to get used to!

So, we recently have come across the effects on self - esteem that social media can have (especially in teens). We know this may sound daft coming from two bloggers who are constantly updating facebook and instagrem ;)! But stick with us on this one! Addressing the media and social media is part of the workshops we do with young girls, so we are naturally very interested in digging a little deeper into this issue. Its something that we understand, and we enjoy it, but we know the effects of it sucking you in even when you dont realise it!
We are taking the next couple of weeks to explore these issues further. Like lower confidence & comparison that can come as a result of social media use.
We also want to take an honest look at how it has effected us personally,
both positively and negatively!
We see definite positives to what Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can bring. 
& we see a healthy way to use social network. 
A way that allows us to celebrate who we are & to feel free to be ourselves boldly. 
Not relying on the comments or number of likes that we may receive to evaluate our worth. 
So keep checking back for more on this (including some interviews and videos!


Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Her Story // Our girl Joss.

Jocelyn Kauffman is a one of my (Holly) dearest friends. We shared great big memories while completing our DTS with YWAM (University of the Nations). We built our friendship on dying each other's hairs, tanning on our free time and countless bedtime stories at night, along with some of our other much loved friends. We spent 3 months in Florida training for our 2 month outreach to, wait for it... Indonesia! Yea, pretty  much the whole thing was life changing for me. 
So you can probably bet how excited I was when she told me she was coming over to see me here in Ireland.
Memories came flooding back to me, and I was dying to make new ones!
But as well as this, I saw it as the perfect opportunity to begin Emily and I's new segment to the blog - 'Her story' where we include friends and women around us who we love or who inspire us in who they are and in what they do

So to kick it off, here's Joss - a real girl speaking about dreams, beauty and of course her favourite item of clothing! 

(If you can't see the video/isn't working - follow this link. Blogger confuses me when it comes to videos!) 

I wanted to mention how much this video filled me with joy while I sat back and listened to a little snippet of Jocelyn's journey with confidence. 
Her story is growing and will always be changing, and to me, that contributes to her beauty! 

Joss mentioned 3 main things :
Beauty is what you think of yourself. 
Beauty is confidence in who you are.
Beauty is your dreams - finding your purpose. 

And when she mentioned that receiving encouragement from family & friends added to how she see's herself - that reminded me of the huge impact that building each other up can do. Complimenting your friends, or even strangers. Making sure the girls closest to you know what you love about them (inside and out).
 When theres so much out there making us feel less worthy, imperfect or just down right not good enough - we can be the change for our friends, the new perspective & the truth in someone else's life.

The truth of beauty is beautiful girls, so lets spread it with the people around us. 

Thanks Jocelyn - you're great! xo