Sunday, 18 January 2015

BE. Workshop - Session one | Edge Drop-in girls!

Hey guys! 
We're sooo sorry for being a bit MIA lately, life just gets ahead of us. 
But life is exciting right now, we have workshops going on, Emily just turned 21 and and we're planning ahead for the wedding in August!

Workshopping with young girls is our way of living out and sharing our values and vision.
In other words - living what we speak. 

We have just began doing a series of workshops. Fort any youth organisations/groups wondering, we offer this freely, tailoring to your needs and is a 3-4 week programme consisting of a one day each week with a theme, The themes we aim to cover with the girls are: Media (healthy use), Fashion, Beauty, and Peer Pressure. With the help of the Dove programme, we have been able to add to our material, and have some great fun activities for the girls to get involved in!

This week, we have been at the EDGE drop in centre in Ballynahinch working closely with the girls, starting a three week programme with them, covering Media, Fashion and Beauty. 
This week we covered social media/media in general and how these things can dramatically effect our confidence without us even noticing
We highlighted the importance of forming a positive opinion of ourselves firstly 'offline'. 
We need to do this so that when we are 'online' we aren't tempted to find our confidence in how many 'likes' we receive on our photos or creating a false 'persona' through our profiles.
After reading many articles and blog posts on how social media is effecting teenage girls self-esteem we became passionate about encouraging girls in how to use social media in a healthy and positive way.

It's important to be real, and confident in who we are and how we are different to the people next to us.
This may seem hard sometimes, life can damage our self-esteem in so many ways, but through our workshops we aim to build the confidence in these girls and help them see their unique beauty
We are passionate about seeing girls ready to face the world knowing who they are, being nothing but themselves (flaws and all!) & loving it! 

To begin with, as usual we were both a tad nervous and the jitters kicked in, mostly because we aren't pretending to be experts in this kind of work, but we care so much about it. 
We got to know the girls sitting in front of us, and enjoyed every minute of it, as we do every workshop. Its so rewarding for us, to get to know the girls closely, investing time and love into them, and on these 3-4 week programmes we really can do that. We hope to get to know them even more over the next few weeks and hopefully have a positive impact on their lives!

P.s. We are hoping to take a group selfie with the girls from the Edge with Holly's new selfie stick next week (how could we resist?!) so stay posted!

 Will have pics from the up and coming workshops soon!
Updates to follow...

Love you all!

Sunday, 14 December 2014

MY beauty//PART ONE - 3 step challenge

Beautiful is you

Ever thought about the definitions of beauty? 
Here are a few - 

There are obviously so many opinions on the definition of beauty. 
But we think something entirely different, we think beauty cannot be defined into one simple sentence
Because beauty is BIG. 
It's not perfection, it's not about what dress size you are or the whiteness of your teeth. 

Part of what we do in our workshops is getting girls to see and discover their unique and precious beauty. 
And we want to share just a little bit of this today on the blog: 

1: What is that one thing you are most passionate about? That your heart beats for, that you love to talk about, the thing that motivates you, makes you driven/joyful/excited. The thing most engraved on your heart and mind? 

Thats beautiful. 

2: Are you caring? Are you energetic? Sensitive? Intelligent? Funny? Are you loud? Or quiet? Introvert? Extrovert?  Or Mixture of both? 

Thats beautiful. 

3: Do you have blue eyes? Green eyes? Brown eyes? What colour's your hair? Blonde? Brown? Ginger? Are you tall or are you short? Are you a size 6? or a size 16? Tanned or pale? 

Thats beautiful. 

Our passions ignite something special in us.
Our strengths and weaknesses cultivate our individuality. 
Our appearance, while yes only being skin deep, makes us different and totally unique to the person standing next to you. 

ONE: Dare to dream - write down your biggest dream and passion
TWO:  Pick out strengths in yourself or ask a friend to tell you what strengths they see in you & do the same for them.
After this identify one weakness in yourself (we are all flawed, no one is perfect - it's important we accept our weaknesses!
THREE: Think of one thing you love about your appearance, it could be your eyes or you bum, your birth mark or your hair (whatever!) then find a friend and pick out one thing you love about their appearance and ask them to do the same for you. 

Note all of these things down and title it 'My beauty' 
Your dream, 
Your character, 
Your appearance,
IS beautiful. 

It is your very own beauty that no one can match. 
'Be yourself, everyone else is already taken' - Oscar Wilde 

So start to see it and believe it & embrace it. 

Vlog to follow on this!