Saturday, 21 March 2015

Travel Stamps.

There is a story of a woman who wanted nothing but to cover her scars on her face. She felt ashamed, embarrassed, and wanted to hide the ''ugly". She tried cream after cream, foundation after foundation, mineral powder after mineral powder. Nothing made them disappear. Sure they looked a little less noticeable, but they were still there. She still saw them, she still felt them, she still hated them. She still felt the eyeballs widening as she walked down the street - causing her to feel insecure, even ashamed. She went to numerous doctors appointments, and still no one could make them disappear unless she spent money she definitely did not have to her name.

She had no idea that they simply added to who she is, she had no idea that they symbolised something very special, and she also didn't realise how they added to how beautiful she was.

We bet you that girl would have felt much better about her scars if the world hadn't judged her, made her feel insecure, asked her what was wrong with her or made nasty remarks about her?
What if they understood and saw her journey?
Would they think differently?

The fact of the matter is, we all have our scars in some shape or form.
And they make us the people we are today.

Singing the same tune?
Sometimes, our scars, our birthmarks, or more minor skin "imperfections" have such a huge impact on us. An inner conflict bubbles beneath the surface - having the sense that they are part of who we are & knowing they will never go away completely, but also having the desire to wish them away.

But why?
Why are we left wanting to get rid of the very thing that makes us who we are?

 If you are scarred from surgery from having a caesarean, doesn't that show the bold lengths you went through as a woman to bring your child into this world? That you gave up the privilege of birth so that your child was healthy? You are so brave. Be proud of that.

If you had a car crash and suffered deep wounds to the skin that left more scarring than you'd hoped, isn't that physical proof of how strong and amazing your body was to heal?
They are symbols of how impressive your journey has been, to have fought the pain, and to come out the other side!

If you were born with a large birth mark across your face, doesn't that prove how fantastically individually beautiful you are? You have a mark on your body like no one else in the world, isn't that something to be proud of? We just love the new campaign Desiguagal are doing with their new model Chantelle Brown-Young, who was born with Vitiligo, so flipping inspiring. Check it out.

If you have suffered a lot emotionally in the past, maybe even events that caused you to self-harm. How beautiful is the fact that you have proof of what you got past? The fact that you survived something that cut you so deeply?

It's like stamps on a passport. We flick through ours in the hope that one day we will have a stamp on every page, proof of all the amazing places we have travelled to and been able to experience.

However you got the scars,  they show how through your life, you are an overcomer.
You're still here now,
your scars may tell a story of your past,
but our imperfections don't stop us from having a beautiful present and a beautiful future.

Put it this way: if we were all born with the same eye colour, hair colour, skin type, if we all played it safe and all did the same thing - how boring would that be?!
 We'd have no proof of who we are, no evidence of where we have been and definitely no crazy dreams or ambitions for the future.

A really close friend once said (what truly inspired this post) that the scars on her legs (which she got from jumping off rocks into lakes, dirt biking, hiking.. you name it!) are proof of all the crazy, wild things she has done. 
The joy of those memories, outweighed the pain of those bumps, bruises and scars.

To be a part of this world, we must be different - contribute who you are to this world.
We guarantee no one can copy. 
Embrace that wonderful fact!

Neither of us have been in a crashes or have any particular surgery scars. Neither of us were born with a birthmark, or experiened having children yet.
But we most definitely have scars of our own, yet we know our worth despite the 'flaws'.

We totally understand the need to cover up things that you may feel you don't want there,
  but suppose for just one second that you don't ever need to feel ashamed of the marks -

2 questions:
Would you embrace yourself and life just that little bit more?
And isn't that little bit more, totally worth it?

 Those perfect imperfections have been left behind as a memory, but don't let it dictate how you approach your now.

Love being you.

E&H ♥

Sunday, 18 January 2015

BE. Workshop - Session one | Edge Drop-in girls!

Hey guys! 
We're sooo sorry for being a bit MIA lately, life just gets ahead of us. 
But life is exciting right now, we have workshops going on, Emily just turned 21 and and we're planning ahead for the wedding in August!

Workshopping with young girls is our way of living out and sharing our values and vision.
In other words - living what we speak. 

We have just began doing a series of workshops. Fort any youth organisations/groups wondering, we offer this freely, tailoring to your needs and is a 3-4 week programme consisting of a one day each week with a theme, The themes we aim to cover with the girls are: Media (healthy use), Fashion, Beauty, and Peer Pressure. With the help of the Dove programme, we have been able to add to our material, and have some great fun activities for the girls to get involved in!

This week, we have been at the EDGE drop in centre in Ballynahinch working closely with the girls, starting a three week programme with them, covering Media, Fashion and Beauty. 
This week we covered social media/media in general and how these things can dramatically effect our confidence without us even noticing
We highlighted the importance of forming a positive opinion of ourselves firstly 'offline'. 
We need to do this so that when we are 'online' we aren't tempted to find our confidence in how many 'likes' we receive on our photos or creating a false 'persona' through our profiles.
After reading many articles and blog posts on how social media is effecting teenage girls self-esteem we became passionate about encouraging girls in how to use social media in a healthy and positive way.

It's important to be real, and confident in who we are and how we are different to the people next to us.
This may seem hard sometimes, life can damage our self-esteem in so many ways, but through our workshops we aim to build the confidence in these girls and help them see their unique beauty
We are passionate about seeing girls ready to face the world knowing who they are, being nothing but themselves (flaws and all!) & loving it! 

To begin with, as usual we were both a tad nervous and the jitters kicked in, mostly because we aren't pretending to be experts in this kind of work, but we care so much about it. 
We got to know the girls sitting in front of us, and enjoyed every minute of it, as we do every workshop. Its so rewarding for us, to get to know the girls closely, investing time and love into them, and on these 3-4 week programmes we really can do that. We hope to get to know them even more over the next few weeks and hopefully have a positive impact on their lives!

P.s. We are hoping to take a group selfie with the girls from the Edge with Holly's new selfie stick next week (how could we resist?!) so stay posted!

 Will have pics from the up and coming workshops soon!
Updates to follow...

Love you all!