Sunday, 14 December 2014

MY beauty//PART ONE - 3 step challenge

Beautiful is you

Ever thought about the definitions of beauty? 
Here are a few - 

There are obviously so many opinions on the definition of beauty. 
But we think something entirely different, we think beauty cannot be defined into one simple sentence
Because beauty is BIG. 
It's not perfection, it's not about what dress size you are or the whiteness of your teeth. 

Part of what we do in our workshops is getting girls to see and discover their unique and precious beauty. 
And we want to share just a little bit of this today on the blog: 

1: What is that one thing you are most passionate about? That your heart beats for, that you love to talk about, the thing that motivates you, makes you driven/joyful/excited. The thing most engraved on your heart and mind? 

Thats beautiful. 

2: Are you caring? Are you energetic? Sensitive? Intelligent? Funny? Are you loud? Or quiet? Introvert? Extrovert?  Or Mixture of both? 

Thats beautiful. 

3: Do you have blue eyes? Green eyes? Brown eyes? What colour's your hair? Blonde? Brown? Ginger? Are you tall or are you short? Are you a size 6? or a size 16? Tanned or pale? 

Thats beautiful. 

Our passions ignite something special in us.
Our strengths and weaknesses cultivate our individuality. 
Our appearance, while yes only being skin deep, makes us different and totally unique to the person standing next to you. 

ONE: Dare to dream - write down your biggest dream and passion
TWO:  Pick out strengths in yourself or ask a friend to tell you what strengths they see in you & do the same for them.
After this identify one weakness in yourself (we are all flawed, no one is perfect - it's important we accept our weaknesses!
THREE: Think of one thing you love about your appearance, it could be your eyes or you bum, your birth mark or your hair (whatever!) then find a friend and pick out one thing you love about their appearance and ask them to do the same for you. 

Note all of these things down and title it 'My beauty' 
Your dream, 
Your character, 
Your appearance,
IS beautiful. 

It is your very own beauty that no one can match. 
'Be yourself, everyone else is already taken' - Oscar Wilde 

So start to see it and believe it & embrace it. 

Vlog to follow on this!

Thursday, 4 December 2014

In over your head?

Hey ladies (and gents if there are any out there reading this!),

We cant believe its winter & we're finally in the Christmas season!

If you know us by now, you will know that we tend to go through phases of posting regularly and then not so regularly. These last few weeks have been just a tad stressful for both of us since we are students: money, essays, meetings, lectures, working. Its all over our heads. 
So in this post we thought we would give you a few handy hints on how to beat the blues and get past the nasty blast of essays (if you have any!), stressful Christmas shopping (when the shops start running low!), the running out of money because of the shopping, waking up shattered because you stayed up too late looking at clothes/items you'd like (but probably wont) get for Christmas.. And much more! 

1.  Lie-in
This might sound the opposite of helpful, but trust me it's not. When you wake up, make sure you give yourself a short 10 min lie-in. Rest your body, goodness knows you need it! Getting up too fast can mean you fall back harder. But no longer than 10 mins, or your body will want to sleep again.
2. Appreciate the mornings -
 When you are up, make use of that time, get busy, stay occupied. Put a wash on, go to the food store, anything! Not so much that you tire yourself out, but I promise you that by the end of the day you will look back and be thankful it was so productive, not frustrated.
3. Get dressed -
 This may sound berserk, but trust me we have all done it. P.J days. Yes, they are the best of days but not the most helpful when it comes to being stressed and having a lot to do. If your body is ready for the day, so will your head be. 
4. Make a list -
You may not be the list-making type, but I literally swear by making lists. I make lists for Christmas presents, lists for essays, lists  for shopping.. you name it! Make sure you write them on an A4 sheet and stick them on your wardrobe or wall. Scratch off or tick the ones completed. I promise, you will never forget a thing!! And it feels good to see them crossed off and completed!
5. You time -
 Its so important to remember to spend time on yourself when things get hectic. Have a coffee, read a magazine or book, watch telly. Whatever it is that makes you feel relaxed, do it. But make sure you can get back up and get your head down again.

Hope these were helpful!
Some of them may seem obvious to you, and if so that's great! If not try and have a go at a few of them, we hope you begin to feel a little more relieved and rested, so that you can start to enjoy this season, rather than hate it! Hugs to you all at this busy time!

E&H xo